Monday, 19 March 2018

VR Development Company

What is virtual Reality?

It is computer generated scenario that simulates a realistic experience. This kind of technology is used to be science fiction where it create the experience of lifelike where everything appear to be real as it put virtual layer over the top of the camera. To show the virtual reality technology it needs virtual reality handsets and multi projected environment. This technology engages with the user through the virtual reality world which has been created in the handset with the small screen in front of the eyes of the user that provide the life like experience. It makes the experience of the user worthwhile.

The recent example of the Virtual reality technology is the Pokemon Go where it create virtual layer on the top of the real world. In the layer it creates the images of pokemon characters where one has to catch them. The effect of the game was so large that accident started to take place across the globe. The technology was so finely used in this game that results in number of deaths.

So virtual technology was firstly used for military purpose but now it is used by civilians. The companies have understood the importance of this technology long time back that they invested huge in this technology. This technology is used in Hollywood movies which provide us pleasant experience.

Monday, 11 September 2017

This Is How You Can Reduce The Cost Of Your App Development

Is the high cost of mobile app development giving you stress? Does the mobile app development company you want to hire is charging more than your budget and, you have no choice but to go with it. If it’s the case, this post is just for our. First and foremost – there are a lot of hidden fees and unnecessary designs involved with a mobile app development and, they can be cut off if your focus more on user experience and cross platform mobile app development technologies. No doubt, mobile app development is a pricey undertaking. Many small-medium companies are seen to not capable of affording the cost of mobile app development and, thus they do not even think of it. Read More

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Which industries can Get Benefits to integrate Geo location in Your Mobile App

Businesses around the world are learning about the paybacks of the geo-location enabled mobility. When apps have the feature of detecting the location of smart devices, they are able to do things that may feel like a magic. Although a device having geo-location just detects the locations or lets its location be detected by others, but this simple feature can be used in several interesting and intelligent ways.

The MOBILE APP BASED TAXI AND CAB INDUSTRY heavily depends on geo-location services.

AUGMENTED REALITY GAMES are another area where geo-location can be implemented quite interestingly.

Restaurants engaged in ONLINE ORDER AND DELIVERY OF FOOD ITEMS too have discovered the advantages of geo-location

Almost all ecommerce businesses and currier delivery companies use  GEO-LOCATION ENABLED TRACKERS to keep informing customers about the status of delivery


GEO LOCATION IN SPORT AND FITNESS INDUSTRIES is providing some excellent ways to track the progress of sport and fitness activities

can have pretty outstanding utilization

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